Your Rockitoneer
Professional Benefit Auctioneer

Copy of Services

Live Auctioneer, strategist, marketing, staffing, benefit auction specialist. From item procurement, online bidding for silent auctions and entertaining live auction experiences we can do it all.

Services Offered



  • Auctioneer (live and silent), ringman, consultation, strategist, Post-event services, etc…

  • Procurement Coaching with Ideas, Motivation, and Training

  • Audience engagement and entertainment including revenue generating games (Lip Sync Contest, Derby Races, Game Shows, etc...)

  • Full review of Silent and Live Auction Items, helping you to reach max potential

  • Sharing our knowledge and contacts with Mobile Bidding Platforms and Consignment Companies


  • Marketing Consultation

  • Committee Consultation

  • Sponsorship consultation

  • Post Event Evaluation

STaffing solutions

  • Live Auctioneer - Seth Weiner

  • Professionally Trained Bid Spotters

  • Volunteer training


  • Auction & Event Timeline Planning

  • Site Visit and Event Planning

  • Coaching your Speakers

  • Theme consultation and generation

  • Party planner (basically) -- vendors,
    produce event